Personal ( 30 cron jobs )

One year (365 days)

The Personal Plan is for an individual - developer or freelancer, looking
for an extra level of  organization for cron job / task management

Separate Crons Jobs/Tasks 30
Executions logs kept for 1 week
Cron execution timeout 300 sec
No monthly limit on cron executions (unlimited)  
Cron jobs executions history/logs  
Script Execution Output log  
Timezones SUPPORT  
(Any script can be scheduled for execution)
PHP, JSP, ASP, CFM, PL, HTM, HTML SCRIPTS .. any many more
 Very Easy and Intuitive - 3 Step visual Wizard  
 Unlimited domains support  
 Unlimited websites support  
Minimum cron job interval 1h  
HTTPS urls support  
Technical Support included  


8.99 USD /Year

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