Business ( 100 cron jobs )

One year (365 days)

Your business involves managing efficiently your clients' operations and needs. The Business Plan keeps your clients' web cron operations running efficiently and on time.

Separate Cron Jobs / Tasks 100
Executions logs kept for 2 weeks
Cron execution timeout 400 sec
No monthly limit on cron executions (unlimited)  
Cron jobs executions history/logs  
Script Execution Output log(up to 100 characters/output are stored)  
Timezones SUPPORT  
(Any script can be scheduled for execution)
PHP, JSP, ASP, CFM, PL, HTM, HTML SCRIPTS .. any many more
 Very Easy and Intuitive - 3 Step visual Wizard  
 Unlimited domains support  
 Unlimited websites support  
Minimum cron job interval 1h  
HTTPS urls support  
Technical Support included  


17.99 USD /Year

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